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Harrods Magazine July 2015

On any given day, it's good to sail on any boat. To sail aboard the Nepenthe is unforgettable!.

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Private Charters

We offer Sunset, Half day and Full Day sailing charters.  The Nepenthe is a classic sloop from an era of class and elegance. The cockpit is spacious, the boat "eye candy" and the sailing exhilarating. 

Engagements Photos and other Private Events are available at affordable prices.

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Commercial Charters

 The Nepenthe is the premier sailboat for fashion shoots in Florida and is frequently featured in fashion magazines and promotional videos for a variety of industries.

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Charter Rates

View charter rates and other information for       Private and Commercial Charters. Special pricing      is available to suit specific needs.


Who We Are

CLASSIC SAILING CHARTERS was established in 1996 in Coconut Grove, Florida. The Nepenthe is a beautiful vessel and we enjoy sharing her. We do private charters,commercial photo-shoots and live Dockside Fashion Shows and Wine and Spirits Tasting events. Private photo shoots for weddings, engagements, and other occasions are available at affordable rates.

The Nepenthe's portfolio includes multiple fashion catalogs and Promotional Videos for Ralph Lauren™, Lacoste™, Simons TM, Macy's™, Bloomingdale's™, J. Crew™, Mark&Spencer™ and many others. She appeared in the film "Red Dragon" and videos for artists Gabriel Coronel and Pitbull, to name a few.

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